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Fixing a Computer


The Mentoring Service to Empower your Student

Our Interactive Kits allow students to explore a certain area of academic interest through an in-depth and hands-on project. Students choose an academic kit related to any academic subject that is of interest to them, such as coding, graphic design, robotics, and more. The student will then be connected with a knowledgable mentor in that academic subject and embark on a two-staged project together.  These Interactive Kits are perfect for a student who has an interest for an academic topic but who may lack the technical knowledge to engage in a DIY project by themselves.


The first stage of the project will be completely virtual and tests the current knowledge and interest of the student. The following phase is when an Interactive Kit will be shipped to the student’s house. The mentor and student will then complete the project together, through a structured lesson plan and timeline!

These Interactive Kits aim to make precollege projects accessible to any student no matter their income class, location, or available resources!

Partnerships + Future Work

We are a newly formed non-profit, and we are raising funds necessary to accomplish our mission statement! Please make a contribution above or contact one of our executives to ask how you can get involved! 


Student Fair

The Nash Back-to-School Bash is the ultimate back-to-school fair full of school supply giveaways, free food, and fun for the entire family! We hosted food trucks and a meet-and-great. There were also a ton of fun activities (such as sports game and giant genga) and arts & crafts.


Our 2021 Nash Bash was held on Saturday, August 7th from 10 am - 2 pm at the Southeast Community Center in Antioch, TN.

Learn more about the Nash Back-to-School Bash below!

Carpenter at Work


In collaboration with the Nashville-based makerspace, Fort Houston, we intend to hold workshops and other in-person events at the end of the year!

Their over 10k square feet facility allow plenty of social distance and other beautiful tools to entertain your tinkerer for months. Their state-of-the-art shops will leave the builder in your life speechless!

We plan to hold fun tinkering workshops where students can embark on personal wood/metalworking projects in a safe and controlled environment!

As a part of our mission to help students find their passion, we also strive to expose them to professionals who work in their passion every day!


Along with our partner at Fort Houston, a Makerspace based out of Nashville, we hope to give students an opportunity to network and learn what it takes to get into the industry they might be interested in.


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